How do you want to experience your media?

Cloney Audio solutions

Our design and installation team is ready to help redefine how you integrate audio and video in your home. We do everything from 5.1 upgrades, to bespoke cinema solutions and complete home restoration and upgrade projects. We have deep expertise in media distribution, lighting and full home automation.
See below for details on solutions that might suit your home and give us a call to discuss your needs!



Surround sound upgrades

A big new TV is great! It allows you to experience motion pictures and sports in a much more engaging way. But adding a 5.1 speaker setup or going all the way to a complete Dolby Atmos configuration completely changes the perception of what is happening on the screen. We can help you with adding a multi-channel receiver and match it with great speaker packages. Our install team can even help you get the wires out of sight!

Home cinema design

There is surround sound - and then there is home cinema in a big way! We can help you design a entertainment room with complete cinema integration. In-wall speaker solutions and all “boxes” neatly hidden away in another room. Couple that with automated lighting and you just have to sit back in a dedicated cinema lounge chair, press a button to roll down the screen, dim the lights and prepare yourself for the full cinema experience in the comfort of your own home.



Custom installation & Home automation

Are you planning a full renovation project? Let our project team take care of all the home automation and media distribution. We can consult in all areas of electric integration and help design the perfect solution for a smart home. We partner with great architects and our install teams can manage everything from the wiring diagrams to end-to-end project management of 4K and audio distribution as well as controlled lighting, security and more. Reach out to Alan to discuss your needs in detail and we will dedicate ourselves to finding a solution custom to your demands.