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Bigger Picture. Better sound.

Here at Cloney Audio we always aim to be at the forefront of the ever changing home cinema landscape. Our demo rooms setups range from the simple 5.1 mini theatre surround sound system, to a full Dolby Atmos Surround Sound system, while also covering convenient and neat soundbars. We have been commissioned to design and implement some of the most intricate and impressive cinemas in Ireland and further afield, and we can tailor any system to fit your needs.


Soundbars for movies and music


B&W, Bluesound, Sonos

Soundbars are an extremely popular addition to any flat screen TV. Why not add powerful and immersive sound to your television set up without having to place numerous speakers around the room? From the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar2i to the new and exciting B&W Formation Bar, you can pick up a neat, impressive sounding single box that will enhance your tv audio and also perform well for wireless music streaming!


Surround Sound: 5.1 7.1, Dolby Atmos, whats right for you?



From a Soundbar to the latest connotations of Dolby Atmos we can guide you on the differences between, and we have different configurations on demonstration in our Home Cinema demo rooms to give you an idea of what sounds best, and suits your room.


Bespoke cinema systems

We have built and installed some of the most incredible systems for home cinema, coupled with our smart lighting and control systems. We can build a one touch cinema system that will incorporate your lighting, curtains and full system control, to really enhance your cinematic experience. You may need to make your own popcorn though...


Dolby Atmos - immersive sound on demo at Cloney Audio!

Our dedicated Cinema room proudly hosts our 4k Dolby Atmos system with amplification coming from NAD, loudspeakers by Bowers and Wilkins, REL Subwoofer and projector from Sony. This is all controlled using a Control 4 processor and remote, and is a real showstopper of a system! Why not drop by and see and hear what we have to offer!


4K Projectors and Screens


JVC, Sony, Adeo, Screen Research

From Sony and JVC to Optoma, we have a wide portfolio of projectors to suit every size of room and screen. Our flagship projector models boast unparalleled image quality and features, and when coupled with a suitable screen from Adeo or Screen Research, we can provide the best hardware to get the best results. With the correct projector and screen you should be able to achieve jaw dropping imagery that won't disappoint.