Presenting SME
exclusively in Ireland

Originally a design and manufacturing company for engineering models and later precision  aircraft parts, SME moved into designing turntables after its founder successfully crafted a pick up arm for his home Hi-Fi system.

Since then, SME have launched several phenominal series of pick up arms as well as a great series of turntables.

Please see an introduction to each of the model below and call in for more details on the tonearms if you are ready for an upgrade!

SME, Devialet, Sonus Faber and Ella Fitzgerald at the Lost Recordings Event in Dublin, December 2017

SME, Devialet, Sonus Faber and Ella Fitzgerald at the Lost Recordings Event in Dublin, December 2017


MODEL 30/12 and MODEL 30/2

Uncompromising turntable, built to showcase the capability of the Series-V and Series V-12 tonearms. Solid as a rock and with absolutely minimum tracking errors and a suspension system that guarantees no sonic transfer from the chassis. There is a reason this has been called "the best turntable of all time".

The models differ by magnitude. The Model 30/12 has a 16% thicker top plate and a 19% thicker bottom plate, which translates into a level of ridigity you don't find elsewhere. The Model 30/12 is also available with chrome or gold accents to highlight the layered design.

MODEL 20/12 and MODEL 20/3

Big steps up from the models below, as the Model 20/12 and 20/3introduce the large surface area and density, which results in exceptional dampening and transparency. To put some numbers behind this claim, the Model 20/3 weighs 28.6 kgs and the Model 20/12 clocks in at an asounding 33.5 kgs! 

These decks complement a wide range of tonearms at 9, 10 and 12 inches and SME take great pride on pairing this with their own Series 312S tonearm - a 12-inch pressure die-cast magnesium construction.


The Model 15 retains the minimal footprint of teh Model 10 (below), but introduces several damepning features, including significantly upgraded suspension and added mass (the unit comes in a 18.5 kgs).

For those who are sold on SME's amazing turntables and want the best you can get at a compact size - this is for you!


Only 30.4mm in diameter and still weighing 15 kgs, testifies to how compact this turntable is.

The aim was to design a product that would introduce the SME engineering to a new audience at the more afforable end of the market. the Model 10 can be used with 9 and 10 inch arms but designed to complement the SME M10 precision tonearm.