Demo Exclusively at Cloney Audio

We are privileged to be able to invite you to listen to the compact new Phantom Reactor in of showroom in Blackrock.

Devialet has offered us exclusive rights to demonstrate the Reactor and can offer you a great opportunity to compare the original Phantom Premiers alongside their small new siblings.

Listening to each of them side-by-side allows you to choose exactly the amount of sound (and punch) you are looking for!

Small Wonder

The engineering that has gone into the Phantom Reactor is simply astonishing.

  • The enclosure size has been reduced by 75% - filling a mere 3 litres of space

  • The deep low-end has been maintained - manages 18Hz (vs 14Hz-16Hz in the Premier)

  • Sound pressure at 95dB and 98dB respectively

  • All connectivity remains! (AirPlay, UPnP, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and Analog/Optical

  • Now includes touch controls for operation and a brand new app for remote control

  • Weights a much reduced 4.3kg (vs the Phantoms at a 11.4kgs)

  • Power consumption is reduced to 600W or 900W depending on model

Huge potential

Initial listening tests have us wondering what happened. How did something so compact, get shrunk by 3/4 and still delivers sound so close to it’s bigger siblings?

The clean design of the Premier remains, while the the side panels are now made is white lacquered stainless steel. The back of the Reactor now reveals a heat sink which is integrated into the overall design. The Phantom Reactor is truly white-on-white and disappears into most environments.

A new set of accessories will be available early 2019, including legs and a travel bag in two colours.


In-store for comparison

Demo stock is arriving end-October and full stock is expected by mid-November.

We urge you to drop by and listen to the Phantom Reactors and compare them to the selection of original Phantoms.

As with all Hi-Fi products, specs are specs, but nothing beats live demo with your favourite tunes!