Sweet Vinyl SC1 – get rid of “Clicks & Pops” from LP records – for ever!


Made on the west coast of America the Sweet Vinyl SC1 is an amazing device designed to rid your LP records of those annoying clicks & pops – and it really works. Connected between an outboard phono stage or in the tape monitor loop of your amplifier the SC1 is simple to connect and set up takes a couple of minutes. Settings include a “bypass” switch click removal level control and a switch which allows the user to listen to the noise that has been removed from the records. The effect of this unique device is remarkable. For example play a favourite piano record with the SC1 switched on and you will marvel at just how good piano can sound – minus the clicks & pops and all who have auditioned the SC1 to date could detect no loss of sound quality!

On demonstration now at Blackrock or audition at home if preferred. Sweet Vinyl SC1 sells for 1550,00 Sterling = 1795,00 Euro.

For more information and reviews - visit https://www.sweetvinyl.com/press-review/

Mark Reid