Cloney Audio's favourite Stereo Amplifiers


NAD 316v2 - 349,00 Euro


Rated at 40 watts per channel the NAD 316v actually is capable of quite a bit more – Hi-Fi News magazine measured 60 watts per channel on the older but similar 316. For an “entry level” amplifier the NAD has a very grown up sound and in addition to line level inputs (including an MP3 player input on the front panel) a good quality phono stage is included for the growing number of Vinyl enthusiasts. Remote control is also included.

NAD 338 - 695,00 Euro


Winner of the EISA amplifier of the year the NAD 338 outputs 60 watts per channel, includes a decent phono stage, onboard high quality Dac, Wi-Fi connectivity plus Bluetooth Aptx and Chromcast. The 338 is unique in addition to sounding very good it also covers all bases. Remote control is also included.

Rega Brio R - 685,00 Euro


Rega’s Brio R outputs 50 watts per channel, includes a good phono stage and line inputs and produces a highly detailed vibrant sound – as the name suggests!

Quad Vena 2 - 749,00 Euro


Quad’s latest Vena 2 now comes equipped with an onboard phono stage in addition to line and digital inputs. The Vena 2 produces 45 watts per channel and as with all Quad products the sound is lifelike and natural.

Arcam SA10 - 799.00 Euro


The SA 10 combines Arcam’s well balanced sound quality, a good quality phono stage and a high quality onboard DAC with three digital inputs and puts out 50 watts per channel.

Creek Evolution 50A - 995,00 Euro


The original 4040 Creek amplifiers had a reputation for absolute reliability and judging by the build quality of the current models this should remain the case. The 50A outputs 50 watts per channel and a separate plug in phono board is available.

Naim Nait 5si - 1299,00 Euro


Naim have always had s reputation for pace, rhythm and timing and the entry level Nait 5si is no exception always providing a genuine “you are there “ listening experience.

Lavardin ISx - 2,400,00 Euro


Around 20 years ago Lavardin unvailed the IT amplifier which introduced radical new thinking into amplifier design to reduce or even eliminate certain unpleasant distortion present in even the most expensive amplifiers. Lavardin succeeded and to this day many owners of their original amplifiers are still enjoying them.

Nowadays the successor to the IT- the ITx is available for 6400,00 Euro and sounds absolutely superb – the Lavardin ISx offers a good percentage of this wonderful sound for less than 2,500 Euro

Audio Analogue Aa Cento & Puccini Anniversary - 3200,00 / 3900,00 Euro


Built in Tuscany Italy current Audio Analogue amplifiers could easily be mistaken for ultra expensive exotic units costing way more than they sell for. Both models are zero feedback designs capable of driving even the most difficult speakers and both offer an ultra refined natural sound presentation. The Aa Cento puts out 100 watts per channel and includes MM/MC phono inputs and Puccini anniversary is rated at 80 watts per channel.

Devialet 140 - 4995,00 Euro


Paris based Devialet took the hi-fi world by storm some years back when they launched their first D Premier amplifiers covered by 107 patents. This stunning range of amplifiers employed ADHD hybrid technology using a combination of Class A & D amplification operating in parallel. Designed for the most demanding music lovers Devialet soon became the reference for many audiophiles worldwide. With 140 watts per channel available the Expert Pro 140 is Devialet’s entry level model – which sounds far better than many of the oppositions most expensive offerings.

Above this level we offer Jadis & Copland valve amplifiers, higher level models from Lavardin & Devialet plus models from Parasound, Pass Labs & more!

Mark Reid