STAX Electrostatic Earspeakers

SR700 (mk2) and SRM007t

SR700 (mk2) and SRM007t

Those familiar with electrostatic loudspeakers will fully appreciate why Stax Electrostatic Earspeakers sound so natural – in fact it’s like owning the best speaker in the business – without the listening room getting in the way!

Stax Electrostatics have one major advantage due to the fact they have the ability to start and stop moving very quickly.

This is because, unlike the relatively heavy cones used in conventional headphones, Stax Earspeakers use ultra-thin high polymer film diaphragms. An electrostatic charge is applied evenly across this film and results in incredibly lifelike sound, as there’s no requirement for a voice coil and cone, restrictive suspension, or any of the other problems that plague conventional headphones.

In fact, an electrostatic headphone is pretty much a capacitor microphone in reverse i.e. the type of microphone used in virtually all recording studio applications. So what better to way reproduce the sound than with the technology which recorded it in the first place!

The end result is sound so natural and unlike all other headphones – once experienced listeners rarely if ever go back to conventional headphones.

Stax Earspeaker combinations include:

  • SRS -310 includes SR-L300 Earspeakers/ SRM-252S Energiser* - €899.-

  • SRS - 5100 includes SR-L500 Earspeaker/ SRM-353X Energiser - €1799.-

  • SR-L700 includes SR700 Earspeaker/ SRM – 006ts Energiser - €2,779.-

  • SR– 007 MK2 Earspeakers / SRM-727 2 Energiser - €4,299.-

  • SR -009S Reference Earspeaker SR-007t Energiser. - €6628.-

*Because of the requirement to polarize the electrostatic diaphragm, all electrostatics come with a matching energizer.

SR007 MK2

SR007 MK2



Mark Reid