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Just as the new Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series have been announced, now seems like a good time to do an overview of some of our favourite speakers.

B&W’s previous 600 series speakers were very highly regarded with the popular DM 685 being awarded “What Hi-Fi” magazines speaker of the year – for two years in a row.

Bowers & Wilkins recently launched their new 700 Series which now have a lot in common with the outstanding 800 Series (biggest selling speakers in their class worldwide) and lots of this new technology can be found in the affordable 600 range – serious, real high-end sound for sensible money – with the DM 607 priced at only €459,00/pair

For those seeking great sound from a compact speaker, look no further than the ultra compact Harbeth P3ES from €1769,00/pair. This speaker delivers a stunning sound – similar in size to the famous BBC/LS35/a – and not a million miles away in sound quality either.

Bigger Harbeth’s include the Super HL5 Plus which is a stand mounted, full range speaker and one of our best selling speakers at it’s price point, which is €3699,99/pair.

Spendor’s new A-range have made a very favourable impression with the international hi-fi press with the A4 in particular receiving tremendous reviews. At €2469,00 they represent great value for money – in addition to being very domestically friendly because of their compact size.

The new A7 Spendor is expected to arrive shortly – and like it’s smaller brother has been the subject of outstanding reviews.

Built in Hannover, Germany, the Quadral Chromuim Style 8 offers outstanding sound quality and looks great in high quality Piano Black finish – Hi-Fi World magazine awarded the Style 8 Five Globes and commented on it’s smooth lifelike mid/treble – no doubt helped by the advanced Titanium coated bass/mid-drivers and ultra smooth ribbon tweeter, a seriously good sounding speaker for €1995,00/pair.

Also using ribbon tweeters are the Quad S-range of speakers – including the tiny S1 priced at only €569,00/pair.

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond Series continue to amaze all by their uncannily realistic sound quality – it’s no surprise Abbey Road and many other leading recording studios rely on this remarkable range of speakers to enable them to bring you your favourite music as heard in the recording studio.

And as a Scandinavian twist: Denmark produces some serious hi-fi products, Raidho speakers included, and we are expecting a shipment from them shortly.

Finally, for those who crave more Bass - deep, accurate Bass, just add a REL subwoofer - from under €400.00!

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