In the news: Arcam gets a new owner

One of the Industry’s most highly regarded Hi-Fi companies has been taken over.  Arcam, based in Cambridge UK started out as A&R of Cambridge back in the late 70ies with the A60 amplifier being their one and only product – the prototype being used to provide high quality amplification for a John Williams concert held at Kings College Cambridge.

The A60 went on to become a huge worldwide success  because of it’s affordability, reliability and great sound. As they say, the rest is history. With a string of best-buy amplifiers, CD, DVD players and  A/V receivers on offer, Arcam were always going to be targeted  for a takeover.

The Harman Group which includes Mark Levinson and Revel (all of which in turn is owned by  Samsung) are Arcam’s new owners so there’s no shortage of cash on hand  for future product development – and that’s no bad thing in this increasingly complex world of electronics. In fact, the new owners were quite surprised to find the very high level of  advanced electronics  in Arcam’s current range of A/V receivers – in some cases way ahead of what they had on offer!

Under the new ownership  Arcam will continue to design and make cutting edge stereo and audio video products – and as always value for money will be part of the package.   

The future looks very bright for Arcam with their new A10/ A20 amplifiers and matching CD/ SACD player due shortly – which by all accounts offer exceptional sound at a reasonable price. This should come as no surprise as they have been doing just that for a very long time!



Thomas Reby