Vinyl is back. Actually, it never went away!

There’s something special about placing a favourite LP on the turntable, some say it’s ceremony of unpacking, cleaning and lowering the stylus on the disc while others enjoy the album artwork. However, it’s the sound produced by a properly designed vinyl playback system that gets everyone’s attention!

Vinyl sound is different to digital and possesses more depth and warmth which is usually  missing from even expensive digital playback systems – some will argue it’s colouration we are hearing, whereas others – including us who listen to lots of live music – would disagree. Analogue is the medium in which we hear music...and everything else. Digital is simply analogue sound that has been converted to digital and back again to analogue.  Nowadays modern digital playback systems are excellent, but LP records have a certain something… 

Good LP playback demands a  decent turntable at the front - and with high quality decks from under 300 Euro from Dual and Rega everyone can enjoy decent sound quality. But the great thing about vinyl playback is  the fact it gets better and better as you move up the turntable ladder – move up to a Clearaudio Concept  or one of the new Technics 1200 series and there’s a real improvement in sound quality – and the further up the ladder you go the better it gets – I should know having done exactly this over 50 years of listening and am constantly amazed and delighted to hear new information on records I have owned for almost half a century!

Thomas RebyVinyl