Different music, different tastes - all on the same system!

While  enjoying my favourite music at home,  I sometimes remember the first time experiencing  the sound of live Classical music. It was at  the Royal Albert Hall – soon followed by my introduction to another very different type of music – Jazz.  

That was during the early ‘sixties when working in London. In addition to attending classical concerts I also frequented Jazz clubs such as Ronnie Scotts and the contrast between the two types of music and venues could not be greater.

Jazz clubs relied on amplification, usually lots of it. On the other hand  Symphony Orchestras used none.

However the sheer dynamic range of an Orchestra playing, say Stravinsky’s  “Rite of Spring” can be awesome – especially if you happen to be close to the stage – a  very different musical experience than listening to a Jazz quartet playing in a small venue – with the bass wound up – as it usually is!

This example gives us some idea of the demands placed on a domestic Hi-Fi system, which should accurately reproduce whatever the listener wants to hear on the day, large scale orchestral works, string quartets, smokey jazz clubs, grand Opera, rock or heavy metal and a good Hi-Fi system with carefully chosen components - including connecting cables - should be able to do all of this.

More on the subject next time, plus Hi-Fi Magazines, Hi-Fi reviewers – how much do they really know – and more!  


Thomas RebyComment