Ortofon cartridge and Børresen/Aavik/Ansuz presentations

A big thanks to all who attended our recent events!

Kieran from Henley did a great job on the Ortofon day showing just how good LP records can sound, especially the real sonic improvements gained as one goes up the cartridge ladder – all the Ortofon’s sounded good but the Cadenza Bronze was singled out by many as a great all rounder!

Danes Lars & Lars – the former being Lars Kristensen, known to many – presented the amazing Børresen 02 and 03 speakers. The expression jaws dropped would not be an understatement when these remarkable speakers were demonstrated showing very clearly the contribution the Ansuz power distribution units, power cords, interconnect and speaker cables were bringing to the party – not to mention the superb Aavik amplification – all in all a remarkable system.

Once again many thanks for attending and we have a number of interesting events to be held at Blackrock Cellar planned for 2019!