What a great event - and two more coming!

A big thank you to all who attended our two day event at the Blackrock Cellar and our showrooms on 3-4th November. Our original plan was to hold the event at Blackrock Cellar but on set-up we decided to use our showrooms for the Spendor D7/ Lavardin IT20x demo and Blackrock Cellar for the Spendor A4/ A7 and Classic models demonstration. In the Cellar, we used a Pass Labs power amp with a Chord Dave DAC used as a pre amp With Tellurium Q cables used throughout on both systems.

As it happens, this worked out very well indeed and it reminds me of visiting hi-fi shows at Heathrow airport years ago when several hotels were in use involving a short walk between demos. While on the subject of demonstrations I would just like to let you know about two presentations we have coming up!

On Saturday December 1st we are happy to welcome Kieran from Henley Designs who will be demonstrating Ortofon cartridges from basic MM cartridges to some of their top Moving Coil models – if you are into vinyl this should be a very interesting demo as there’s not a lot Ortofon don’t know about phono cartridges – after all they responsible for the Moving Coil design. To top it off - we may also have a very interesting “levitating” turntable present!

On Thursday December 6th we have a very interesting presentation featuring Aavik amplification, Ansuz cables and Borrensen acoustics speakers whose “budget” model sells for €25,500/pr!

Lars Kristensen – yes, the same Lars will be present to answer any question you may have.

Happy Listening!


AuditionThomas Reby