Introducing Spendor A Line speakers

During around 40 years of representing Spendor in Ireland we have had the pleasure of introducing some of the best sounding loudspeakers on the market – but nothing prepared us for new A Series – they are simply stunning!

Imagine a traditional Spendor speaker having a neutral accurate balance,  something one can listen to for hours on end without suffering listening fatigue – then inject tremendous dynamics, the ability to go seriously low in the bass end and play loud with all types of music with ease while at the same time never losing it’s cool – all from a very compact affordable floorstanding speaker – the new Spendor A 4.

The international hi-fi press are already raving about this super speaker and with good reason it’s simply stunning and very reasonably priced at £2295,00pr = approx €2599,00 an absolute bargain !

We have yet to seriously audition the other new a series models (A1 & A2 ) but if they sound anything like the A4 Spendor have a fantastic new range of speakers on offer and we have them in stock and on demonstration now.

Spendor Event at our showrooms in Blackrock! 

Spendor Event at our Showrooms in Blackrock on Saturday December 9th and Sunday December 10th. Mike from Spendor will be here will be demonstrating the new A Line speakers.

  • Saturday from 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

We all look forward to seeing you then!