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The best way to choose your ideal music system is to listen and choose what’s best for you. We have a number of dedicated listening rooms at our showroom in Blackrock where you can listen to your favourite tracks and compare various setups - from high quality, easily affordable entry level systems to the latest state of the art high-end offerings – allowing you to decide exactly which option suits best. After all, buying a Hi-Fi music system should be an enjoyable experience where you can relax knowing home demonstrations and installation are on offer – with our legendary service department available to look after your purchase long term into the future – just as we have been doing for the past 50+ years!




B&W, Borresen, Harbeth, Kharma, Sonus Faber, Spendor, System Audio, Quad, Quadral, Wilson Audio

Every part of your Hi-Fi music system is important, from the source to the amplification, cables and, finally, the final link in the chain – the speakers. Here at Cloney Audio we have spent many years selecting the very best loudspeakers in every price category and here are some of our more popular models.




Clearaudio, Rega, Dual

Vinyl LP Records are back - in fact, they never went away!

In order to get the best sound from your favourite records you will need a properly designed and engineered turntable and we stock and recommend a select number of excellent turntables from entry level models at under €300 to around €150,000 - so there's one to suit everybody in the audience!

BTW, Cloney Audio were Rega’s first Irish importer / distributor and continue to recommend and stock this super range of turntable’s. If you are going to purchase a Rega, buy it from the people who really know Rega.




Arcam, Audio Analogue, Cayin, Copland, Creek, Devialet, Jadis, Lavardin, NAD, Naim Audio, Rega, Rotel, Quad

Nowadays decent sounding stereo amplifiers are available from around €300 upwards and the one most suitable for your needs depends on a number of factors, including speakers being used, size and type of listening room, number and type of inputs needed, power output and, ultimately - sound quality, because there can be a huge variation here.




Auralic, B&W, Bluesound, Chord, Devialet, Sonos

Bluesound by NAD is a performance driven platform of wireless high resolution audio players & speakers that allow you to stream all the music ever recorded, wirelessly to every room in your home.

Bowers & Wilkins recently introduced their new high resolution streaming Formation range, which is now on demonstration in our Blackrock showroom, alongside the Devialet's Phantom and ultra compact Phantom Reactor wireless speakers.

Cloney Audio also offer music streaming products from Aurilic, NAD, Naim Audio and more.




Arcam, Esoteric, Creek, NAD, Naim Audio

Nowadays many listeners use streaming services to access their favourite music, however there’s an awful lot of CD discs in circulation and with constant improvements taking place in CD playback technology now could well be a good time to invest in a new CD player.




B&W, NAD, Sennheiser, Stax

Nowadays with music on the move - accessible headphones are very popular and we stock models from Bowers & Wilkins, Sennheiser and NAD in addition to high-end electrostatic models from Stax.

Stax headphones are known as Earspeakers for a very good reason – they are like the finest electrostatic loudspeakers – and those who have heard a full range electrostatic will know exactly what we mean!




Ansuz, Tellurium Q, Van den Hul

Cables affect all key aspects of musical performance: dynamics, detail, coherence and tonal quality, to name just a few. Any aspect of power or signal transmission can be improved (or damaged) by cable quality. This covers mains leads, interconnects – analogue and digital (including USB) and speaker cables.