Introduction to Clearaudio


Based in Erlangen, Clearaudio is Germany’s premier turntable maker. Having visited many of the industry’s well known turntable manufacturers, it is interesting to note that most buy in components and assemble the product. However,  Clearaudio actually make most of the component parts that go into making their high quality turntables and as such, they have absolute quality control over the final product – from the amazing Statement model down to the very affordable multi award winning Concept model.

In the words of Clearaudio’s founder Peter Suchy “Take the best and make it better, only then is it just good enough”

A high quality turntable contains many precision parts, including the critical centre bearing which must be made to have virtually zero friction in operation (and do so for many years into the future). Likewise, a tonearm must move in both planes freely with no unwanted play – this requires a high degree of engineering expertise plus the necessary machinery available to make this possible – Clearaudio are in the fortunate position to possess both in abundance.