Cables – The System Essentials

Why Cables?

As the saying goes, a chain is only as good its weakest link. This applies perfectly to the signal chain in any audio and video setup. With that in mind, it's important to consider cables as essential components as their performance can make or break a system.

There are many factors at play in cables which affect sound quality (as well as picture!). All the way down to the quality of the metals and insulation, to how the conductors are arranged, and cetainly how the cable is terminated. As well as ensuring that signals are properly transmitted between components, cables also play an important part in ensuring that unwanted noise is not injected into the system. This aspect has become crucial as homes get filled with more and more electronics and, particularly,  the use of switch mode power supplies, wifi and Bluetooth. It also explains how mains cables have grown in importance, as all of these are leading to increasingly “dirtier” mains electricity. 

Cables affect all key aspects of musical performance: dynamics, detail, coherence and tonal quality, to name just a few. Any aspect of power or signal transmission can be improved (or damaged) by cable quality. This covers mains leads, interconnects – analogue and digital (including USB) and speaker cables.

One size does not fit all!

Just as with every aspect of Hi-Fi, there is a subjective aspect to choice of cables. This applies to the choices made by the cable designer, the personal tastes of the listener; and how the cables interact with the other system components. To ensure the perfect match, we stock a number of brands with ranges across all price points. As a general rule, one should consider investing in cables in proportion to the total value of the system. Even the most basic system will benefit from decent cables, while more expensive systems capable of revealing the finest musical nuances absolutely demand cables of equal ability.

Featured Brands

Below you will find some of the great cables manufacturers we supply. We are always happy to advise you on options, based on our in-depth knowledge of how different cables work in different systems.  We also have a selected stock of demonstration cables which we are happy to loan customers who wish to experiment in their own listening environment. Please mail, phone or call in to our Blackrock store to discuss your specific needs.



Van den Hul

Cloney Audio have been Ireland’s Van den Hul sole importer and reseller for almost 40 years. Based in the Netherlands, Van den Hul is an innovator in cable materials, including the use of carbon and silver. Their cables have a spacious, neutral and unfatiguing character which ensures they never get in the way of the music, and offer a great balance of price and performance.



The man behind Ansuz cables from Denmark  is none other than Lars Christensen who has a long history in the Hi-Fi cable industry, indeed many of you will have met him at H-Fi Shows including our Dublin events!


Tellurium Q

As cable brands go Tellurium Q is a relative newcomer. However, their affordability and musical sound has garnered the firm multiple awards and “best buy” reviews in the Hi+Fi press. This is no surprise as their cables present the music in a smooth, subtly warm, rhythmically engaging and enjoyably atmospheric way  -  just check out the many reviews for yourself. We are also glad to say that Tellurium cables can be custom ordered in pretty much any length necessary to suit your system.