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Culmination of 5 years of research: The instantly recognisable B&W Nautilus

Culmination of 5 years of research: The instantly recognisable B&W Nautilus

B&W is now a very large company with distribution chains and customers all over the World. But it started with John Bowers hand assembling speaker systems for loyal clients in Worthing, West Sussex in the back of the electrical store he ran with his friend Roy Wilkins.

B&W Electronics was founded in 1966 and later that year was greatly helped by a cash injection of 10,000 pounds left to John in her will by a lady who had purchased speakers from him and was so happy with them she felt he should have the cash to help develop the business.

John immediately invested the money in sophisticated measuring equipment to enable him to develop the best loudspeakers available, the fact John was a keen music lover attending lots of live music concerts also helped.

Launched in 1966 B&W’s first loudspeaker the P2 was incredibly advanced at the time using a unique Plasma  tweeter made by Fane Acoustics – the ionophone  effectively a treble unit without any colouration – or moving parts. Other landmark models included the DM70 which used a curved Electrostatic tweeter – the Continental model being used by many of the rich and famous – including the late Peter Sellers.

B&W went on to develop many of the world’s most highly regarded speakers from the first DM (Domestic Monitor) series launched in 1968 to the very latest 600 series just being launched. The 700 Series, in ceiling/ in wall models and outdoor speakers - in addition to providing some of the world’s best recording studios including Abbey Road with the industry’s most highly respected monitors – the 800 series – next time you open an EMI or Decca classical CD disc check the credits – you often see  “made with B&W speakers”

Bowers & Wilkins speakers are available from €469,00 a pair and come with a very strong warranty.
Read below for more details on the individual series - there is a match for every living space (and budget!) 

The new 600 series line-up

The new 600 series line-up

Introducing the new 600 Series

4 years after the launch of the past generation of the award-winning 600 series, we are seeing a new set launched in August 2018. They contain a lot of technology inherited from the 800 series, including the silver Continuum cone (and a farewell to the classic yellow Kevlar) as well as internal circuitry from the 700 series.

The simple line-up consists of a elegant, slim floorstander, two sizes of bookshelf speakers and a centre speaker for a full 600 series home cinema setup

Bowers & Wilkins new 700 Series speakers

This full range of speakers incorporate many features found in the 800 Diamond models. The new Continuum cone material bringing about unheard of mid-range clarity in their class. Crossover networks have been reworked, improved tweeters and new bass units - plus advanced cabinet design have resulted in bringing the new 700 series to the top of their class offering outstanding  value for money.


800 series.jpg

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond

In 1979 B&W launched the original matrix 800 series speakers and re-wrote the rule book in 1998 with the introduction of the Nautilus 800 series, but didn’t stop there. They continued to refine and experiment and raised the benchmark yet again.

The 800 series Diamond harnesses the unique properties of diamond throughout the range, producing a sound of unheard of accuracy and realism. At Bowers & Wilkins, the quest for perfection never ends. Making natural diamond takes volcanic temperature and pressure – plus around two billion years. Luckily scientists have found a way around this utilising a process called chemical vapour deposition that allows diamond to be grown, like a crystal, under laboratory conditions – finally ending up in in the Diamond 800 series unique tweeter.

The original Matrix 800’s amazing performance made them a fixture in top recording studios throughout the world and has continued up to the present day, with 800 series diamond now holding pride of place – in fact many of your favourite recordings were first heard on these remarkable speakers as they have been the industry standard for the past forty years!