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Arcam HDA series HAS launched!

The new CD/SACD/Network player and amplifiers now in-store

We are happy to introduce Arcam's brilliant new stereo amplifier range plus an all new 32 bit CD/SACD network player to our customers.
It's been a long wait since the announcement at CES earlier this year and finally the products are being released.
They feature a brand new design, but still look distinctively Arcam - and remain true to the promise of great sound and fantastic value for money.


SA10 amplifier

Arcam’s SA10 stereo amplifier features 5 analogue inputs including phono input plus 3 digital inputs. 

The SA10 puts out a respectable 50 watts per channel and is priced at €799,00


SA20 amplifier

The  SA20 Amplifier features same input line-up as it's smaller sibling, but increases output to 80 watts per channel – just under 20 watts per channel in pure Class A – a seriously good sounding amplifier and reasonably priced at €1129,00


CDS50 network player

Arcam is no stranger to high quality CD replay and this their latest model is a 32-bit player using the very latest in digital chip technology which includes music streaming as well! So in addition to getting the best sound from your CD/SACD’s, internet radio can also be enjoyed, as well as a range of music streaming services including Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz.,The CDS50 is very reasonably priced at €799,00